Spooky Art Challenge Day 1: Falling Leaves

Ahhhh this was so fun to draw! Rown was one of my favorite Koroks in Wind Waker, so I thought I’d draw him floating in the breeze.

dang it cass you’re beating me to the punch of creativity here gotta catch up man

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Hey Sorry For The Inactivity But I’m Probably About To Be Even More Inactive

Hey guys Ziyi here, as you probably noticed I haven’t uploaded art in a while. Well I have an explanation for that…YA SEE, I was a lazy piece of crap and had to use my last few weeks of summer vacation to crazy catch up on summer homework.

As you all know by now, school started recently. I’m taking all honors classes with a college course, also I got to complete my 100 hours of driving, and not to mention attend to after school activities and still spend time with my family and friends. Needless to say, I’ll be HELLA busy this year. 

I’m probably going to upload art maybe once every 1-2 weeks now (maybe even longer), and that’s just gonna be my regular schedule until summer rolls around again. So if you followed me for my summer 2-day an art schedule and you don’t wanna wait around for me to start posting my crappy stuff feel free to unfollow me, I won’t blame ya. And if you wanna stick around cool! I’ll try not to disappoint you with my posts haha.

Alright that’s all cool kids! Stay safe, work hard in school, and don’t forget to do your homework! Online stuff is fun and all but don’t forget to plan a little on real life too! Ziyi out!

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